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Article 107

Implementing regulation

  1. The rules implementing this Regulation shall be adopted in an implementing regulation.
  2. In addition to the fees already provided for in this Regula tion, fees shall be charged, in accordance with the detailed rules of application laid down in the implementing regulation and in a fees regulation, in the cases listed below:
    (a) late payment of the registration fee;
    (b) late payment of the publication fee;
    (c) late payment of the fee for deferment of publication;
    (d) late payment of additional fees for multiple applications;
    (e) issue of a copy of the certificate of registration;
    (f) registration of the transfer of a registered Community design;
    (g) registration of a licence or another right in respect of a registered Community design;
    (h) cancellation of the registration of a licence or another right;
    (i) issue of an extract from the register;
    (j) inspection of the files;
    (k) issue of copies of file documents;
    (l) communication of information in a file;
    (m) review of the determination of the procedural costs to be refunded;
    (n) issue of certified copies of the application.
  3. The implementing regulation and the fees regulation shall be adopted and amended in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 109(2).