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Article 15

Claims relating to the entitlement to a Community design

  1. If an unregistered Community design is disclosed or claimed by, or a registered Community design has been applied for or registered in the name of, a person who is not entitled to it under Article 14, the person entitled to it under that provi sion may, without prejudice to any other remedy which may be open to him, claim to become recognised as the legitimate holder of the Community design.
  2. Where a person is jointly entitled to a Community design, that person may, in accordance with paragraph 1, claim to become recognised as joint holder.
  3. Legal proceedings under paragraphs 1 or 2 shall be barred three years after the date of publication of a registered Community design or the date of disclosure of an unregistered Community design. This provision shall not apply if the person who is not entitled to the Community design was acting in bad faith at the time when such design was applied for or disclosed or was assigned to him.
  4. In the case of a registered Community design, the following shall be entered in the register:
    (a) the mention that legal proceedings under paragraph 1 have been instituted;
    (b) the final decision or any other termination of the proceed ings;
    (c) any change in the ownership of the registered Community design resulting from the final decision.