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Article 44

Exhibition priority

  1. If an applicant for a registered Community design has disclosed products in which the design is incorporated, or to which it is applied, at an official or officially recognised inter national exhibition falling within the terms of the Convention on International Exhibitions signed in Paris on 22 November 1928 and last revised on 30 November 1972, he may, if he files the application within a period of six months from the date of the first disclosure of such products, claim a right of priority from that date within the meaning of Article 43.
  2. An applicant who wishes to claim priority pursuant to paragraph 1, under the conditions laid down in the imple menting regulation, must file evidence that he has disclosed at an exhibition the products in or to which the design is incor porated or applied.
  3. An exhibition priority granted in a Member State or in a third country does not extend the period of priority laid down in Article 41.