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Article 71

Enforcement of decisions fixing the amount of costs

  1. Any final decision of the Office fixing the amount of costs shall be enforceable.
  2. Enforcement shall be governed by the rules of civil proce dure in force in the State in the territory of which it is carried out. The order for its enforcement shall be appended to the decision, without any other formality than verification of the authenticity of the decision, by the national authority which the government of each Member State shall designate for this purpose and shall make known to the Office and to the Court of Justice.
  3. When these formalities have been completed on applica tion by the party concerned, the latter may proceed to enforce ment in accordance with the national law, by bringing the matter directly before the competent authority.
  4. Enforcement may be suspended only by a decision of the Court of Justice. However, the courts of the Member State concerned shall have jurisdiction over complaints that enforce ment is being carried out in an irregular manner.