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Article 112


  1. In addition to the obligation to keep a Register within the meaning of Article 111, the Office shall collect and store in an electronic database all the particulars provided by applicants or any other party to the proceedings pursuant to this Regulation or acts adopted pursuant to it.
  2. The electronic database may include personal data, beyond those included in the Register pursuant to Article 111, to the extent that such particulars are required by this Regulation or by acts adopted pursuant to it. The collection, storage and processing of such data shall serve the purposes of:
    • (a) administering the applications and/or registrations as described in this Regulation and in acts adopted pursuant to it;
    • (b) accessing the information necessary for conducting the relevant proceedings more easily and efficiently;
    • (c) communicating with the applicants and other parties to the proceedings;
    • (d) producing reports and statistics enabling the Office to optimise its operations and improve the functioning of the system.
  3. The Executive Director shall determine the conditions of access to the electronic database and the manner in which its contents, other than the personal data referred to in paragraph 2 of this Article but including those listed in Article 111, may be made available in machine-readable form, including the charge for such access.
  4. Access to the personal data referred to in paragraph 2 shall be restricted and such data shall not be made publicly available unless the party concerned has given his express consent.
  5. All data shall be kept indefinitely. However, the party concerned may request the removal of any personal data from the database after 18 months from the expiry of the EU trade mark or the closure of the relevant inter partes procedure. The party concerned shall have the right to obtain the correction of inaccurate or erroneous data at any time.