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Article 98


  1. The Office shall, as a matter of course, notify those concerned of decisions and summonses and of any notice or other communication from which a time limit is reckoned, or of which those concerned are to be notified under other provisions of this Regulation or of acts adopted pursuant to this Regulation, or of which notification has been ordered by the Executive Director.
  2. The Executive Director may determine which documents other than decisions subject to a time limit for appeal and summonses shall be notified by registered letter with proof of delivery.
  3. Notification may be effected by different means, including by electronic means. The details regarding electronic means shall be determined by the Executive Director.
  4. Where notification is to be effected by public notice, the Executive Director shall determine how the public notice is to be given and shall fix the beginning of the one-month period on the expiry of which the document shall be deemed to have been notified.
  5. The Commission is empowered to adopt delegated acts in accordance with Article 208 specifying the detailed arrangements for notification.