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Article 191

Seniority claimed in an international application

  1. The applicant for an international registration designating the Union may claim, in the international application, the seniority of an earlier trade mark registered in a Member State, including a trade mark registered in the Benelux countries, or registered under international arrangements having effect in a Member State, as provided for in Article 39.
  2. The documentation, as specified in the implementing act adopted pursuant to Article 39(6), in support of the seniority claim shall be submitted within three months of the date on which the International Bureau notifies the international registration to the Office. In this regard, Article 39(7) shall apply.
  3. Where the holder of the international registration is obliged to be represented before the Office pursuant to Article 119(2), the communication as referred to in paragraph 2 of this Article shall contain the appointment of a representative within the meaning of Article 120(1).
  4. Where the Office finds that the seniority claim under paragraph 1 of this Article does not comply with Article 39, or does not comply with the other requirements laid down in this Article, it shall invite the applicant to remedy the deficiencies. If the requirements referred to in the first sentence are not satisfied within the time limit specified by the Office, the right of seniority in respect of that international registration shall be lost. If the deficiencies concern only some of the goods and services, the right of seniority shall be lost only in so far as those goods and services are concerned.
  5. The Office shall inform the International Bureau of any declaration of a loss of the right of seniority pursuant to paragraph 4. It shall also inform the International Bureau of any withdrawal or restriction of the seniority claim.
  6. Article 39(5) shall apply, unless the right of seniority is declared lost pursuant to paragraph 4 of this Article.