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International registration of marks

General provisions
Article 182 - Application of provisions

International registration on the basis of applications for an EU trade mark and of EU trade marks
Article 183 - Filing of an international application
Article 184 - Form and contents of the international application
Article 185 - Recordal in the files and in the Register
Article 186 - Notification of the invalidity of the basic application or registration
Article 187 - Request for territorial extension subsequent to international registration
Article 188 - International fees

International registrations designating the Union
Article 189 - Effects of international registrations designating the Union
Article 190 - Publication
Article 191 - Seniority claimed in an international application
Article 192 - Seniority claimed before the Office
Article 193 - Designation of goods and services and examination as to absolute grounds for refusal
Article 194 - Collective and certification marks
Article 195 - Search
Article 196 - Opposition
Article 197 - Replacement of an EU trade mark by an international registration
Article 198 - Invalidation of the effects of an international registration
Article 199 - Legal effect of registration of transfers
Article 200 - Legal effect of registration of licences and other rights
Article 201 - Examination of requests for registration of transfers, licences or restrictions of a holder's right of disposal
Article 202 - Conversion of a designation of the Union through an international registration into a national trade mark application or into a designation of Member States
Article 203 - Use of a mark subject of an international registration
Article 204 - Transformation
Article 205 - Communication with the International Bureau
Article 206 - Use of languages