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Article 29

Procedure for cancelling or modifying the entry in the Register of licences and other rights

  1. A registration effected under Article 26(1) shall be cancelled or modified at the request of one of the persons concerned.
  2. The application shall contain the registration number of the EU trade mark concerned and the particulars of the right for which registration is requested to be cancelled or modified.
  3. The application for cancellation of a licence, a right in rem or an enforcement measure shall not be deemed to have been filed until the required fee has been paid.
  4. The application shall be accompanied by documents showing that the registered right no longer exists or that the licensee or the holder of another right consents to the cancellation or modification of the registration.
  5. Where the requirements for cancellation or modification of the registration are not satisfied, the Office shall notify the applicant of the deficiency. If the deficiency is not corrected within a period to be specified by the Office, it shall reject the application for cancellation or modification of the registration.
  6. Paragraphs 1 to 5 of this Article shall apply mutatis mutandis to entries made in the files pursuant to Article 26(5).