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Article 178

Fees and charges and due date

  1. The Executive Director shall lay down the amount to be charged for any services rendered by the Office other than those set out in Annex I, as well as the amount to be charged for the European Union Trade Marks Bulletin, the Official Journal of the Office and any other publications issued by the Office. The amounts of charges shall be set in euros and shall be published in the Official Journal of the Office. The amount of each charge shall not exceed what is necessary to cover the costs of the specific service rendered by the Office.
  2. Fees and charges in respect of which the due date is not specified in this Regulation shall be due on the date of receipt of the request for the service for which the fee or the charge is incurred. With the consent of the Budget Committee, the Executive Director may determine which of the services mentioned in the first subparagraph are not to be dependent upon the advance payment of the corresponding fees or charges.