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Article 141

Formal requirements for conversion

  1. Any central industrial property office to which the request for conversion is transmitted may obtain from the Office any additional information concerning the request enabling that office to make a decision regarding the national trade mark resulting from the conversion.
  2. An EU trade mark application or an EU trade mark transmitted in accordance with Article 140 shall not be subject to formal requirements of national law which are different from or additional to those provided for in this Regulation or in acts adopted pursuant to this Regulation.
  3. Any central industrial property office to which the request is transmitted may require that the applicant shall, within not less than two months:
    • (a) pay the national application fee;
    • (b) file a translation in one of the official languages of the State in question of the request and of the documents accompanying it;
    • (c) indicate an address for service in the State in question;
    • (d) supply a representation of the trade mark in the number of copies specified by the State in question.